Husbands Who Do Traditional Women’s Chores ‘Get Less Sex’

Hey gents? Want to make more sex? Research you have to stop helping with traditional women’s chores around the house.

University of Washington geeks in thick-rimmed glasses and white overcoats said that men who did the ‘manly’ chores like chopping wood tended get more sex.

Previous research said men who do more housework get laid more but they never looked at what work they did.

Now this new study says those who like the whole cooking and cleaning business, tend to get less in bed.

Study says this poor fella gets it 5 times a month onlypracticalowl / / CC BY-NC

A survey showed that men who did a fifth ‘feminine jobs’ around the house had sex about 5 times a month. Couples where the woman did all the ‘feminine’ work had sex 1.6 more times.

However the study said that men who took this as an excuse for not doing housework at all risked the marital happiness of their wife. We know that then results in sanctions where you go from that 5 times a month to visiting Sloane Court to negotiate with a woman of questionable morals.

4,500 couples were surveyed between 1992 and 1994 and the geeks say the results are still  valid.

Ruled out were other possible explanations for their findings, including the couples’ religion, income, employment status and happiness in their marriages.

So gents, when a woman says she loves a man who cooks, know that she is saying that if you and her were to get married, she will be giving you that action once a week.

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