Hot bath burns more calories than 30 minute walk

So assuming the ZESA is working and the local council has given you water, well, it seems that the cheat code for losing 100 calories is not 30 minute walk but an hour in a hot bath.

PIC: Denise Mattox

PIC: Denise Mattox

Soaking in the bath for an hour will get rid of 126 calories equivalent to 25-30 minute walk.

Dr Steve Faulkner, and the team at Loughborough and Leicester Universities, made the surprising discovery when they were investigating alternatives to exercise to control type 2 diabetes.

How did they come across this?

10 unfit men were soaked in a bath at 40 degrees Celcius and had a glucose meter and changes in their blood sugar was noted in the following 24 hours.

The same people would then go cycling on the next day, an activity that would increase their body temperature by 1 degree Celcius and there was a 10%  less effect.

Strenuous activities have always been the staple for weight loss but it would seem there are other ways to get rid of fat. Of course this is not to suggest you will be fit while at it but if weight loss is the number one target then you might want to have a real go at this.

With information from The Daily Mail UK