Here is why fancy wine tastes better

It usually works that way. The house wine isn’t quite as good as the, well the fancy wine, the one you avoid eye contact with on the list.

And it is not for the reason you think.

A new study says the difference in the taste is in the cost, not quality.

Researchers at the INSEAD business school and the University of Bonn did a small study of 30 people – half men and half women – where they sampled different wines and measured their reactions to them based on their prices.

Participants were given the same wine but were told the costs was different.

The difference in ‘quality expectation’ was in the price, according to Professor Hilke Plassmann and his team.

And because they did not just trust what they said, participants were made to lie down in an MRI scan and brain activity monitored while tasting wine in a small tube after being shown the price.

They then were asked to rate via a button and allowed to rinse their mouths. An identical sample was then offered and they were asked to rate again.

The placebo effect doesn’t quite work if the difference is too large of course.

Not sure we will swearing our souls to box wines meanwhile.