Healthier beers coming as scientists crack the barley genetic code

A new world of healthier beers and drought-resistant crops beckons as Australian researchers helped a team of international scientists crack the genetic code of the grain barley.

Beer is old school. Really old. Like proper old.

Beer is old school. Really old. Like proper old.

Barley is the most complicated of genetic codes in grains and scientists have now cracked its sequence which could allow them to manipulate it in breeding programmes.

The result is not only healthier beers but at a lower cost.

Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporaton, Professor Rachel Burton from the University of Adelaide said:

If you can make barley that’s better for malting then that’s going to help with energy costs at the brewery, that’s got to be good for the planet.

This gives us a way to tailor things. So, for example, if you’re interested in a low carbohydrate beer for beer drinkers that don’t want the calories, then you may be able to tailor your malt earlier on to make your beer less fattening, I suppose.

She had her team have already experimented with malted barley which ferments cleaner and is more efficient.

The development could also lead to creation of drought resistant grain.

With information from Xinhuanet