Having sex improves your memory

A survey of over 1,700 people has shown that having sex will give your memory a boost.

PIC: SEX in progress ... (inactive) - Jean KOULEV

PIC: SEX in progress … (inactive) – Jean KOULEV

The study was of people aged between 58 and 98 was conducted by The Manchester University showed that the more sex you had the more your brain power grew.

Studies before have shown a relation between the function of your hippocampus and your sex life. It tended to grow the more one was active.

Also, because your brain works with other parts of your body, the more active you are sexually the better your memory tended to be.

The study also said anxiety and stress negatively affected one’s libido. ┬áThis is based on the fight or flight mode human beings have. When there are threats the brain gets into those modes as part of self-preservation meaning interest in sex is reduced.

So if ever you needed an excuse to get some, do that.

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