Harare Low On Water Treatment Chemicals

As if Harare’s water delivery was already not bad enough, the city is fast running out of water treatment chemicals according to the government rag, The Sunday Mail.

Harare water purification issues
Water crisis could be looming if Harare City doesnt get water purification chemical situation right::: M @ X ::: / Water Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

The situation as resulted in parts of the city going without water for weeks –  well, spare a thought for those who have not received city water for years. Then now all of a sudden the city has gone back on its directive to stop disconnection of defaulters too.

The reason is that the company which holds the tender as the sole supplier to the city, MT & N, has its deliveries suspended because of the whole sodium cyanide situation last year. Why the city only had one supplier meaning there as no redundancy in the event of one supplier becoming incapacitated. This then means that a whole bunch of bureaucracy as to be dealt with before we get a new supplier.

The city says it is working on the problem but trust them to just get one company again.

By the way, since the people from the company in question were found not guilty of whatever they were charged, why not just get the same company