Harare Couple Loses Two Daughters In Two Days Over Religion

A Mandara couple has said lost two daughters in two days because a refusal to send the children to hospital for religious reasons.

The girls, Christy and Charmaine Magwanyata, fell  ill last week. They were only taken to hospital when neighbours intervened. Christy died this Wednesday and Charmaine the following day at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

The older of the girls is said to have been in Grade 7 while the younger one had not started school. The mother of the girls is still in hospital.

There has been a huge debate recently over religions who do not believe in going to see the doctor when they are sick because they do not believe in being healed by ‘men’.

An unnecessary number of deaths are taking place because of this stand which is pretty sickening if you ask us. Yes of course these people will accuse us of not having faith but that’s what happens.