Hangover will be a thing of the past soon and you have no idea what will happen to alcohol

If you are a drinker, a bit more than the usual kind of drinker then you will know that a hangover is the worst thing in life… next to perhaps getting kicked in your testicles… while on a hangover.

That sucks.

So anyway¬†Drug scientist Prof David Nutt says in 10 to 20 years from now we won’t have hangovers.

And why.

We won’t be drinking alcohol.

No we won’t necessarily be like turn into super nuts who don’t drink stuff. There will be this new synthetic alcohol called ‘alcosynth’.

The good professor Nutt (so tempted to call him Nutty Professor) has over 100 patents of his alcosynth and plans to raise GBP7 million to bring them to market. And he says his product will do what e-cigarettes may be doing to tobacco. An alternative that claims not to kill you so much.

Te target is 18-25 who reportedly already drink less alcohol than older people, in the Western world at least.

So what do you think? Would you give up alcohol for a synthetic form called alcosynth or do you plan to stay old school and have your binge on the old hops?

Have your say below.

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