Excitement Over HIV Prevention Drug

Exciting research has revealed that a shot every one to three months could bring become an alternative to current cocktails of HIV prevention drugs.

HIV-infected T cell
HIV-infected T cellNIAID / Foter / CC BY

Tests have currently only been done on monkeys  but two studies reported on Tuesday at an AIDS conference showed 100% protection against HIV infection.

Said Dr. Robert Grant, an AIDS expert at the Gladstone Institutes, a foundation affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco:

Both groups are showing 100% protection with the drug. If it works and proves to be safe, it would allow for HIV to be prevented with periodic injections, perhaps every three months.

Currently the only way to provide protection is condoms but sometimes people do not use them. Truvada is also being used currently being used by some as long as one sticks to the daily regiment.

Zimbabwe’s HIV infection rate is one of the highest in the world although progress has been made in recent years.

With information from USA Today