Breastfeeding for more than 2 years leads to cavities – study

A new study says children should not nurse when they are too long in the tooth.


In effect, if they are breastfed beyond 2 years they are likely to develop cavities.

Researchers followed more than 1,000 kids in Brazil, focusing on breastfeeding habits and sugar consumption. At age 5, the children were examined by dentists who checked for tooth decay, missing teeth and minor and severe cavities.

The risk in children who were breastfed for two years a longer were as much as 2.4 times likely to develop cavities.

And  lead author Dr. Karen Peres, an associate professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia makes it sound simple. She says children beyond 24 months were breastfed on demand at night and were less likely to take care of their teeth.

Mind you, at present, noone really knows what the cut-off period  is for breastfeeding. The common wisdom has been six months but many mothers known are known to go for much longer.

With information from nydailynews and GMA news online

PIC: Celestipoo via / CC BY-NC-SA

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