Bottle Of Wine Per Day ‘Not Bad For You’ – Scientist

So you remember when one of those fellas in the white dust coat and thick-rimmed glasses came out and told us that a bottle of wine per day was bad for us? Well another fella in a thick-rimmed pair of glasses – we’re not sure if he had a white dust coat –  says differently.

A bottle of wine per day can keep you healthy says a scientist

A bottle of wine per day can keep you healthy says a scientist

Dr Kari Poikolainen, who used to work as an alcohol expert at the World Health Organisation says moderate drinking is better than abstaining. He says it only is a problem if someone consumes more than 13 units per day. Thick-rimmed geeks before him say the recommended dosage is 3-4 units per day  for men and 2-3 units per day for women. 3-4 units is about a third of a bottle of wine if you are using 250ml glass. (If you want to calculate how many units your favourite beverage gas, click here)

Dr Pokolaimen says those who exceed these recommended guidelines will live longer than people who abstain. Oh?

Of course the anti-alcohol brigade will disagree with him saying that. They say alcohol is a toxin and can’t be good for you.

Mind you Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe will disagree with the findings. He just 90 and he is a teetotaler.


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