About Those HIV Self-Test Kits Being Introduced In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has just announced that it will soon introduce and start distributing HIV self-test kits.

Well, we have seen a few here and there so it won’t be  novelty, maybe just more widespread.

Anyway, Zimbabwe says that it wants to ensure people can test themselves and then do it in the privacy of their homes. Apparently of 196,000 people who went for testing, 185,000  were the ones who went back to get their results.

HIV self-test kit

HIV self-test kit

So the idea is that if people don’t have people around, they can happily check themselves and get a result.

That though isn’t the issue is it? People are scared of the result not getting tested. Look at the number of suicides because of results that have been reported in the media of late. That will go up if the right level of counselling isn’t given after testing.

In spite of campaigns there is still so much misinformation about the condition and people look at a positive result as something of a death sentence.

For example, people do not realise these things. The test is not necessarily final. If you test positive it means you need to get some more testing done. if you test negative and still engage in risky behaviour it means you need to test more regularly. It is an indicator and it should not be used to make decisions that might or might not put you at risk of contracting HIV.

While for strong-willed individuals, this is a good idea, as an option, for some this could be a danger. A bit of thinking is needed here. Just a bit…

What do you think of HIV self-test kits? Share your thoughts with the mob below or Whatsapp +263776-595-560 or email info[at]3-mob.com. We’re waiting… 

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