70 Percent Of Women Fake Orgasms To Avoid Hurting Partner’s Feelings

Just in case you thought you were the man and always on point when it came to making sure the missus got it real good, the white dustcoat wearing, thick-rimmed geeky lot are here to burst your bubble.

A study says 70% of women and a third of men fake orgasms to protect their partner’s feelings. .

The most common reason? When the other one climaxes, there is a pressure to climax as well. That’s according to the University of Kansas.

Other reasons? Boredom because the sex wasn’t getting anywhere and the fact that they just wanted the session to end without hurting feelings. Then there is of course the added pressure that comes with expectation that men must give ‘earth-shaking orgasms’ to their women. Women have no idea how mind-numbing that can be for some men.

Everything comes down to trying to provide evidence that you are enjoying the experience.

Mind you, the study questioned 281 male and female students about their sexual habits. In Africa it might well be a bit different.

However, gentlemen, she doesn’t get it from penetration alone. They also respond better to a vocal partner, apparently.

Yes ladies, we fake it too.