Only 11 Out Of 30 Bottled Water Brands Registered – SAZ

The Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) says only 11 of 30 water brands sold in Zimbabwe meet the minimum required quality.

SAZ told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Welfare yesterday that most fall short of standards required with only the following 11 being properly registered:

  • Schweppes,
  • Aqua Crystal,
  • Rainbow Beverages,
  • Chomopack,
  • Ad Life,
  • Mukati Investments,
  • Tanganda,
  • ZLG,
  • Zinwa,
  • Dairiboard
  • Reg Mark

SAZ quality assurance director Sebastian Zuze says the association will now reach out to retailers to make sure that they sell only approved brands.


Currently there exists no law that compels bottled water suppliers to get certified by SAZ but Food Safety Advisory Board (FSAB) registration is a requirement.

What concrete action is to be taken against the other 19 remains to be seen especially since the SAZ seems more of an advisory institution more than anything else. SAZ says 7 companies which are already suspended will have their details forwarded to the FSAB.

Tell you what though. We will be looking for SAZ icon every single time we buy water.

  • what are the brand names for Chomopack,
    Mukati Investments
    Reg Mark