Of Zuma And Those Comments About Dogs

So South Africa president Jacob Zuma is in the news again for something he has said, this time because he said keeping pet dogs is part of  ‘white culture’.

On the face of it, it seems as if something that the liberals should be angry about it. In a world where every statement is sensationalised people will spin that and make it sound like he said black people should not keep dogs. Some will even say he is suggesting that people abuse dogs. Next thing you will get a Youtube video campaigning against Zuma showing images of abused animals.

Yet in reality, all Zuma said was that in African culture animals are not put before human life. We will tell you that we have come across human beings who believe human beings can be sacrificed to save a dog. Most of us may have been exposed to seeing the ‘madam‘ driving with her dog in the front of the car while the garden boy rides in the back of the car. Then there is of course the medical care that is given to the dog when it gets sick compared to the human beings.

When you think of Zuma’s comments, all he is saying is that according to African culture we take care of human beings more than we do animals. He is saying Africans should be reminded of their culture and go back to their roots. He is not saying that the white man is bad but that black Africans should not be afraid to de-colonise themselves and live by their own value systems. This message was targeted at the disenfranchised black man in Africa.

Now, because he has a reputation, largely fanned by media sensationalism, which most people do not fancy it doesn’t mean that he is not going to make sense from time to time.

As much as it would be fun to to join the hordes of blogs asking for his head, in this instance, we will say this is much ado about nothing in the grand scheme of things.

To be honest, right now, whatever he says, the press won’t love him will they?

There are bigger things to worry about.

  • Florence

    The whole thing about garden boys in the back dogs in the front is silly. the reason for it is often that the dog just cant be put in the back cos it could panic and jump out. I have often sat in my back with my mum driving and the family dog in the passenger seat, not always the most comfortable but often necessary if you’re taking the dog somewhere.

    • Ndoro

      Florence are you serious?

  • Andrew Botha

    Why do whites keep dogs ? To keep them safe from those things that crawl around at night like cokcroaches !

  • Nicely put, Pets should not come before human life.