Zuccotti One Man Protest Ends

The one man protest that we reported on a few hours ago has come to an end. Dylan who had climbed to the top of the Joie de Vivre sculpture in Zuccotti Park has now decided to get down.

Dylan who is a twenty-something year old Canadian decided to end his 3 hour stand-off with the  New York Fire Department and NYPD hostage Negotiation Team. A few hours ago he had vowed not to eat or drink nor climb down unless Bloomberg the Mayor of New York City steps down.

However it was a question of time before he got down. Wearing only an orange t-shirt (perhaps inspired by the orange revolution or halloween thats around the coner) he was not going to survive longer than the 3 hours he spent. New York weather can be brutally cold towards winter.

I dont know if his actions do good or harm to the cause of the protestors. When others break away and start persuing their own agendas it somehow redicules the efforts of the rest of the team.However the actions of one person should not be taken to indicate the general attitude and thinking of the rest of the team.

As for Dylan he had his 15 minutes of fame and he is now on his way to the hospital for Psychiatric evaluation. The millitary style salute he made to one of the hostage negotiators made me to question whether his wires were all connected correctly .  Asked why he did it he said someone had to do something.


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