ZTA To Help With Miss Zimbabwe

After a rather shambolic start to this Year’s edition of the Miss Zimbabwe pageant, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has decided to save the little grace that the event has left.

ZTA held the licence for the Miss Zimbabwe pageant for six-year before handing the rights back to the Miss Zimbabwe Trust last year. ZTA has agreed to help with hosting the show and it has now emerged that members of the Miss Zimbabwe Trust acknowledged that they had no capacity to host the event.

ZTA has since indicated that it will only assist the Trust, on condition that it meets some of the Authority’s set conditions that include getting rid of the current licence holders.

The grand finale is expected to take place on March 23 and it is likely that Zimbabwe may not send a representative to the Miss World beauty pageant, which will be held in July in Mongolia.

To be honest we are kind of tired of what is happening with the whole matter, the people running the show should just get their house in order and then let us know whenever they are ready.

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