Zimbabwe’s Gun Culture:A Sad Reality

The Herald reports that a Tafara man shot and killed his brother in a fight over parking space.

Tendai Mungororo reportedly returned home from a funeral and found his 33-year-old brother Tichafunga’s car parked in his parking space.It is alleged that an altercation arose and Tendai hit his younger brother with an assortment of household utensils all over the body. It is said the dispute got worse and Tichafunga tried to escape however Tendai rushed to his car, pulled a gun and shot him in the chest.

Tichafunga was declared dead on arrival at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Now most People may be surprised by this new gun culture in Zimbabwe but we saw this coming a mile away. While everyone was asleep some people were busy buying guns and showing them off.

At the height of the dealer culture in Zimbabwe owning a gun amongst Zimbabwean dealers was the cool thing to do. If you didn’t have a freaking gun you were awkward. Ask any eight year old, awkward just don’t rock it. We know people who were buying guns simply because guns were the new status symbol.

We are not placing the all the blame on the dealers but the fact is that the average Zimbabwean has no spare money for gun-buying.

When guns start floating around in any society,brothers start shooting brothers and gangs with guns start causing mayhem. Does this come as a surprise?


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