Many Zimbabweans Will Soon Lose SABC

Many Zimbabweans who have had access to free-to-air TV channels like SABC 1, 2 and 3 may soon be forced to watch good old ZBC.

It is now a question waiting to see what happens because the South African High Court in Johannesburg has already ordered signal carrier Sentech to encrypt its signal within the next three months.

Wiztech, Philibao, Fortec Star and Vivid decoders had become popular in most Zimbabwean homes because people could watch television channels being broadcast from South Africa without subscription.

Such news will be taken with heavy hearts by many people in Zimbabwe but maybe if people did not have an alternative they would push ZBC to improve.

  • Half-Full Productions

    Thanks to its partnership with BBZ, a local company affiliated with eTV, ZBC Channel 2 is now well worth watching. it offers refreshing programming (on the whole) much of which is already popular among local viewers who used to watch eTV on the Wiztech, vivid, philibaos,etc. Among these programmes are Rhythm City, Scandal, WWE, Medical Detectives, Fear Factor, eMovies, Backstage, Young & Restless, Steve Harvey Show, House of Payne, Club 808, Showbiz Report, Blame it on Fame and many more…so the loss of SABC on free-to-air decoders isn’t the end of the world!!

    • Tamisa

      no its not but it sure will be terrible. what they should do is allow people the opportunity to pay for the service. there are so many programs that the populace of zim watch on sabc that will not air, muvhango, generations. etc, having said that the writer has a point, zbc needs to up its game even more now. I hear though that there is a new channel coming soon.

    • Well I don’t understand the loss to be fair. But with the monopoly in place will ZBC simply get comfortable because there are no choices?

  • Sedzet

    ma ninja in zim can undo the encryption codes every now and then, ask a boi who been watching dstv for free the last sixteen months (nut me)