Zimbabweans Happier than South Africans, Batswana

Zimbabweans have been classified as generally happier than South Africans and Batswana according to a a report.

Zimbabwe was ranked 115 out of 151 countries while South Africa came 142nd. Botswana was last.

Costa Rica was named the happiest place on earth with the rest of 10 being generally filled with South American and Caribbean  countries with the exception of Vietnam which came second. The highest placed African country was Tunisia placed at 39.

We suppose the age-old adage that ‘money does not buy happiness’ rings true given that third world countries locked the whole top 20 down.

With Zimbabwe just coming out of a recession it will come as no surprise given that happiness is linked to optimism. Yes, we are an optimistic bunch, even at the worst of times.

To check out the Happy Planet Index in full click here

  • Tracy treybear lee

    yes we are happy and we love it nothing can hold us down …… i luv being zimbabwean <3