Zimbabweans Facing Death In Asia

The Herald reports that there are 16 Zimbabwean women who are wallowing in Asian jails. The shocking part is that the women were arrested for drug trafficking and ivory smuggling and some face the death sentence if found guilty.

The extent that Zimbabweans are now willing to go to get rich quickly is a bit worrying. Zimbabweans were generally known to be upright and rarely broke the law of other countries. We have since lost that squeaky clean image and we are now standing our own ground with all the other villains of the world.

We also seem to be making new records in the world of crime. According to the World Drug Report 2010, about one percent of people involved in trafficking in Pakistan are Zimbabweans hired by dealers to be traffic drugs and or to seek new drug markets.

While it is common knowledge that being caught with drugs in most Islamic states is punishable by death, the drug tafficking trade still lures people to try their luck . We wonder how much these people get paid for putting their lives at such grave risk.


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