Zimbabwean Woman In UK Committed Suicide After Valentine’s Day

A Zimbabwean woman who committed suicide and was found days later is said to have taken her life on the day after Valentine’s Day.

A coroner’s report says that Mitchel Mpofu who was found dead on 19 February last year, had been having problems with her “on-off boyfriend”  Arnold Mukuvare.

An A4 note was found next to her bed explaining her reason for breaking up with him plus Valentine’s gifts she had purchased for him.

It is said that Mukuvare and Mpofu had broken up the week before but met often to discuss their relationship. He was with her on the night before she died.

The reason for the breakup had been down to the fact that she found him unromantic and his conversations too intellectual, according to Mukuvare.

Shortly before she is believed to have died, she sent a text message to Mukuvare saying that she was ‘leaving’. She did not explain what that meant.

Earlier that evening she had made an emergency call, which suggested she may have had a domestic violence incident. Police responded and checked on her. That is believed to be the last time anyone saw her alive.

With the way that the premises were secured there was no way anyone could have left the premises and then locked them from the inside. This ruled out the possibility of a third party involved in her death.

Arthur Mpofu, her father, still feels that his daughter did not take her own life.

We ran a story on her death last year and indications had been that she lived a distressed life, with her blog coming across as desperate. The speculation then was that she had died on the 12th of February.

With information from Get Surrey