Zimbabwean Woman In Facebook Fraud

A Zimbabwean woman who goes by the moniker Muchadeyi Parirenyatwa( or Mucha Laila Pari) has turned out to be a fraud.

Information provided by various people has led us to conclude that she is very little of what she claims to be, down to name and all. What was disturbing was that she extensively used pictures of US volleyball player, Olympic Silver Medalist and model Kim Glass as if they were her own.

One of the images of Kim Glass used by the fraudster (click on image to view more of Kim's photos)

Our sources say she has been impersonating Miss Glass since 2006.

Said a source who had talked to her on Facebook:

This ‘Mucha’ chick has been trying to imitate her in every way since about 2006 pictures etc so its scary…

I grew up in Glen Lorne [in Harare] &  lived near the Parirenyatwas…they lived in a place called Helensvale in between GL and Greystone Park so when i added her and talked to her i thought she was Emily’s sister…

I honestly thought she was a Parirenyatwa coz we grew up in the same hood so i just thought she was a little sister to a girl i knew growing up and she said yes then i never facebooked her after that!!!

A chef who is a relative of the Parirenyatwas also confessed that noone from the clan actually knew who she was.

Only now does it make sense coz she wld never give anyone her number. she phony as hell tricked me, my friends and my cuzins

Even my cuzins like ‘the real’ Pari’s were like we don’t know her family. She’s the only one in the so called family. Crazy Shit man!

Even this author was ensnared(albeit briefly) into the extensive web of deceit. In one conversation with the fraud, the intention of which was to profile her as a successful Zimbabwean given the status she seemed to have, she was evasive and  a veil of secrecy surrounded what she did. We found it a bit strange and we didnt chase it up after a simple google search turned up almost nothing about her.

Our source also told us that a conversation with Hakeem Brown, Miss Glass’s boyfriend, had revealed that they have been at war with ‘Mucha’ for a while and have even had her Facebook account shut down 3 times.

What is astounding is how the power of Facebook as a tool had so many hoodwinked including members of the Parirenyatwa family.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  • Ruvheneko

    This is hilarious! Shame we could look into adopting her if she really wants to be a Pari because I’M Emily’s sister and yes we live in Helensvale. Lol. Wow. This world.

  • thou shalt b yrself,y b sm1 else????????