Zimbabwean Subjected To Racism In Denmark

Tendai Tagarira has put out a Youtube video which he says shows him being racially discriminated at a popular night spot in Aarhus, Denmark.

In the video Tagarira has obviously just been denied entry into Kurts Mor bar. When the camera is on he goes to the entrance again and is still denied entry. The sound is not clean throughout this exchange but Tagarira tels us that the bouncer had said that the club was not allowing Africans into the club that night. This was on account of the fact that the club had had something stolen the week before and they accused an African of doing so.

All through this two white people enter the club with no problems. A second black person tries to gain entry into the club and he too is denied.

Tagarira then started an online petition after calls to the police went unanswered. In it he still says

I am an active resident in Aarhus and I contribute significantly to the cultural and social life. I have lived here for two years and feel quite safe as a resident. But last night’s incident left me with a cold taste in my mouth. I am still in shock and feel quite degraded. I have faith that the law will take its course when I file my charge on Monday morning. I am clearly shocked that such open and blatant racial abuse exists in a country whose law clearly forbids racism. I have faith in the Danish justice system and I am looking forward to getting this matter resolved.

The incident took place this past Saturday night.

You can watch the video below

If you are having problems viewing it on this website please click here to watch it on Youtube.

  • IzzySinosi

    i’m not surprised. a workmate of mine sat in a shuttle or some form of transport from one of an airport in Denmark to her hotel all by herself because a group of students would not sit with a black woman. they preferred to wait another 30minutes or so in the cold than share transport with an African.

  • Peter Holm

    Denmark has huge racism problems. I hear these horror stories all the time bout Denmark.

  • Rayavo

    Damn, it amazes me how some humans who live in a first world countries still hate on black people, honestly what is it, what is racism. I wonder what feeling one has when he hates on another, fear is the only thing that comes to mind. People all over the world, lets try to accept each other for we all here present and breathing the same air. I call for the Danish authorities to do something and not just ignore these happenings.