Zimbabwean Man Hangs Self After Assylum Bid Fails

A Zimbabwean man has hung himself after he failed to get a residency permit to live in the UK.

Bee Moyo, who had been living in the UK for five years sent eerie messages to his partner, Sibonakele Moyo before hanging himself from a tree.

Earlier the pair had had an argument before Bee walked out and threatened to kill himself. He had accused Sibonakele of cheating which she denied.

Forty-fivee year-old Bee was a father of six, two of whom were in the UK and the rest in Zimbabwe.

He was out of work while Sibonakele was employeed which affected his self-esteem. The fact that he had lost his residency permit bid only served to do worse. The pair had talked of marriage but Bee remained unhappy.

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