Zimbabwean Lesbian Cheat Woman Attempts Suicide

The heterosexually married woman in the lesbian triangle that gripped Zimbabweans in the diaspora’s imagination has tried to kill herself, it has emerged.

Brenda Muchi Soko, who was having an affair with Chido Chalenga who is married to Nicky Goba Chalenga sent a suicide note to her friends in which she said she was killing herself.

Soko took pills but her husband called an ambulance and she was ferried to Bolton hospital. Sources say that the husband is standing by her through all this mess.

She is in a stable condition.

Shoko shocked the world when she was caught by Nicky in a ‘compromising position’ with Chido. The video went viral and it seems as if it has been taken down since.

The fall-out has been crazy for some people but this woman must count herself lucky in this whole mess has chosen to stand by her.

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