Zimbabwean Enters Mr Gay World

The Zimbabwe Mail claims that a Zimbabwean,Taurai Zhanje has entered Mr. Gay World competition which will be held at Gold Reef City, South Africa, on 8 April 2012.

It is said Taurai Zhanje is Mr. Gay Zimbabwe. Other African contestants are from Ethiopia, Namibia, and South Africa. This year’s Mr. Gay World contest will be the first in which black Africans are part of the finalists.

We think that sex should be between a man and a woman, a sentiment shared by some people in Zimbabwe.Even some of the most open minded societies are rather clear on this issue.For example the Governor Christie of New Jersey, USA, just vetoed a same-sex marriage bill.

As for Taurai Zhanje we don’t think he ever wants to set foot in Zimbabwe. If the law fails to deal with him then street justice certainly will.

  • Oh hell no no to Gay and so called gay beauty contests! Cha! Bloodcloot thing that we sah!

    • WhatsYourProblem

      If the so called Straight people reveal when they decided to be straight then i think the gays will be able to say it too…besides, are the so called “straight people” responsible for giving birth to the gays? People need to zoom in real close to the people who bash the gays….hmmm there must be something there. Anyway who cares when 2 men fuck? honestly?%$#@

      • huh?

        • WhatsYourProblem

          duh? In less poetic style: If being gay is a choice? Then when did the straight people make theirs? If gay is bad, then the straight people are responsible because they are the ones who f**ked and made the gay child. Also in most cases, the people who choose to go out of their way to bash gay people, are in actual fact fearful of their response if put in a gay situation. if you happy, confident with your manhood, this shit that two consenting adults do should not be your concern, esp. if you use your forum as an advocacy to promote violence against people who have really done no harm, broken a law towards anyone. Word of advice, u are living in a dynamic and changing environment and if u are so straight pray to the god that u do, to bless u with a perfect child, coz life is full of mystery and misery, only an effort to feel and understand is the healthy way out. Feed on it. Remember just like HiV/Aids, everyone if positive ’till proven negative. Never say never.

  • Nature’s Law

    Disgusting article – How can this author advocate mob law and intolerance. What law did this guy actually break? The author should take a good hard look at his article and print a retraction, or at least make the context of his statements obvious. We don’t let Sharia law force itself on non-believers, neither must we let christian and jewish laws do the same.
    Get out of 19th century colonial thinking and step into an enlightened 21st century or you will be consigned to the dustbin of intolerant history by your children and grandchildren.
    God creates homosexuals, or it is a genetic abnormaly, either way you look at it, it is not the fault of those affected and they should be treated with compassion as our ancestors used to so do, not this ultra-conservative red-neck fundimentalist colonial Christian hogwash being repeated. Go back to your gogos ne kumusha and learn the truth.

    • Zimbabwean law and Zimbabwean street justice. We are not saying Zimbabwean street justice is the way to go but that is the reality. You have numerous examples of personalities such as Kevin Ncube and Frank Malaba who left the country so they could go and live openly gay lifestyles wherever they want to.

      While we do not agree with homosexuality, we wouldn’t lynch them.

      • Natasha Hatendi

        But don’t you have better stories to spend your time blogging about? Even if you don’t agree with homosexuality, I mean seriously, Zimbabwe has much bigger problems than worrying about who is f***ing who…. Just saying!!

        • You do know that homosexuality is at the centre of the constitution-making process and is likely to become an election issue, right?

          • Natasha Hatendi

            That’s the problem, you are blogging about such an insignificant issue such as homosexuality. Both gay and straight humans need water, food, education,good roads and jobs. Or wait are gays not allowed those too LOL! Again which one of the above issue is less important than knowing whose f**cking who??

          • well just because it is not important to you it doesnt men it is not important to other people

          • Natasha Hatendi

            true true, but I can bet you NO ONE cares about homosexuality when it comes to putting food on the table, or health care, education OH WAIT and Corruption! and if they do their priorities are messed up! Gays are human whether you like it or not, and people are just going to have to accept that, they ain’t going no where!! BIG UP HOMOSEXUALS. Last question what if you had a gay child? Would you be blogging about this then?

          • That is metaphysical speculation and by nature has no bearing on facts as we know them

          • Natasha Hatendi

            Anyway at the end of the day how does homosexuality REALLY affect your life and those of others, when it comes down to the bottom line. Even if the new ‘Constitution’ says it’s illegal it ain’t gonna stop people being gay, it’s only going to make you feel more comfortable to know they can’t say it out loud that they are gay. And what makes you so sure that a “NEW” constitution in Zimbabwe really means anything at ALL, when the first one didn’t and doesn’t mean anything NOW!

    • The author of the articule has freedom of speech and can post articules like this, it merely points out the facts on the ground in Zimbabwe its not tolarated! This is not some forum for hateful messages to be spread, he has not said anything against any aw anywhere. I dont think must retract anything here! Its just analysis of the story on the ground!

  • Thongeffect

    Whose ancestors treated gays with compassion??? That’s hogwash.