Are Some Zimbabwean Churches Companies in Disguise?

There are loads of churches right now. It’s like a real religious buffet out there. A church for every prejudice and persuasion.

Now I am not one who bites his thumb at people who believe in spending their time with eyes closed and saying words to the Almighty. I think if that makes life bearable then, by all means, do it.

What I have beef with is with some companies that masquerade as churches. You can’t say you are religious and not for profit when you create products and services and sell them to your ‘flock ‘at a premium. And why do you get away with it? Because you promise them that you show them that ‘God is good-ooo”.

In my considered opinion some of this lot should be taxed like the rest of us. They make top dollar and are able to splash the kind of cash that other people fantasise about, by promising access to the future. And because their cause is packaged in such a noble way they get all sorts of breaks. How does that make them any different from a private hospital charging premium fees and then claiming to be a non-profitable organisation?

It’s pure madness I tell you.

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