Zimbabwean Woman Dies While Praying For Fabrice Muamba

A Zimbabwean woman who was leading the prayer for the Bolton Wanderers striker, Fabrice Muamba, collapsed and died during a church service leaving the congregation in utter shock, according to ZimOnline News.

The rather unusual incident happened during a V2V Christian Church service in Wembley,London.

It is said Christina Goredema, a married mother was so moved by the footballer’s mishap, elected to lead a prayer for the athlete’s recovery but in a rather cruel and ironic turn of fate she herself ended up dying.

One church member summarised how the congregation reacted to the incident by saying-

“We all stood there not knowing what had happened or was happening. I initially thought she had got in a spiritual trance, I am still upset and confused”

Meanwhile Muamba who suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed during the first half of an FA Cup quarter-final match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur on 17 March 2012, began breathing independently again and speaking on Monday.

Some reports say Muamba’s first words when he woke up  were “did we win”


  • Tamisa

    That is so so sad. Does anyone know what caused her death?

  • heart attack, most probably. If ur heart is not good you go, no matter the age

  • .R.

    Shame, my prayers go with Dj Naida and her family during this time sha.ma1

  • Sandra

    Once in a while be slow to report till you have facts correct… you will be sued one day… mark my words…