Zimbabwe Ranked 154 On Corruption – Reports

New Zimbabwe reports that in 2011, Zimbabwe ranked 154 out of 182 countries in terms of corruption level.The ranking will place the least corrupt country at number one.

If indeed these statistics are true then we as a nation have really sunk to a new low.

Once upon a time Zimbabweans used to scoff at a certain West African country for consistently breeding corrupt and unscrupulous characters but at this rate we will soon be the kings of rot.

At institutional level the police seem to be leading the pack. This sentiment is acknowledged by certain people in high offices.

For instance,Permanent secretary Melusi Matshiya in presenting oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs, said-

“They (police officers) are not well paid. They do not even have appropriate dressing and tools of the trade. It is good to prevent corruption by paying them well.”

There is no question that it will be difficult to stamp out in Zimbabwe as long as salaries remain poor, however Zimbabweans have institutionalised corruption to a point were it may be impossible to break.

Our fear is even if salaries are raised asking and giving someone money to ‘buy coke’ is basically now standard practise virtually anyway you go. As for the policemen, theirs is one of those jobs which requires’ a high level of ethical integrity sadly this is a point that was lost on most of them a long time ago.

Yet we all have a responsibility for being accountable to each other it only takes concerted efforts and a little bit of sense to choose to stand by what is right.

The question though is, where is Greece on that ranking?

Those who wish to see the complete list of the corruption perception index visit Transparency International then type corruption perception index.

Source:New Zimbabwe.