Zimbabwe Laws On Child Pornography Inadequate

The Edwin Chimanye case has had us thinking a lot about child pornography and the laws against it in Zimbabwe.

For those who do not know  Chimanye, 45,  is a former David Whitehead CEO who has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for ‘dating’ a 12 year-old.

Investigations showed that at some point Chimanye asked the young girl to send him nude pictures of herself on Whatsapp which she did.

While it is not clear whether Chimanye was charged for the child pornography, which would be the case in most countries, even if he was, he would face a public indecency charge which comes with a $600 penalty or six months in prison.

Just $600 or 6 months in prison for weirdos like that.

Compare that to Zambia where you could be sent to life in prison for being in possession of child porn. Sure there are states like Uganda or Ukraine where the possession of child porn is not outlawed. However with reports of the sexual abuse of children on the increase, the authorities need to take a closer look at this largely undocumented  derogation of the rights of children.

The low penalty means that we have young kids who are suffering because of the impunity of those perverted minds. We need to protect the children.

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