Zimbabwe: Are We Now A Bling Nation?

Bling or Bling- Bling is an America slang term that originally referred to elaborate jewellery and ornamented accessories that are carried, worn or installed, such as cell phones or tooth caps.

Over the years the word bling has evolved to refer to anything from posh parties to ostentatious lifestyles. Although the word was made popular by rap artist like Lil Wayne, today the word and the idea of the word is now in common use in Zimbabwe, sadly so may i add.

Zimbabweans were never really flashy society in fact those that showed-off were shunned or despised however this didn’t stop one or two people from being flamboyant. Actually a few years ago it was hard to tell if someone was rich from the cars they drove or clothes they wore, remember the farmers dress code in the 1980s khaki shorts?

Things have changed and some people who are rich or think that they are rich now try to out-do each other when it comes to the cars they drive, houses they build, clothes they wear and cell-phones they use. Some people in Zimbabwe have become showier than ever. With poverty still rife and most people still recovering from many years of economic hardship, certain behaviour and display of material possessions smirks at the less privileged. Could the discovery of dimonds have anything to do with this bad behaviour ?

It is perfectly ok for people to enjoy the fruits of their labour in what ever form they so wish but I think as Africans the philosophy of Ubuntu or Unhu that insists on humility should never be lost on us as a people.

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