ZIMBABWE AT 37: This post might not be what many of you want to read

It is 37 years of independence today.

Eulophia venulosa

But if you read the social media zeitgeist you would think that independence was still a thing so far gone it remained a phantom in the distance.

This has resulted in a digital shit storm on the faces of those who made great sacrifices for the freedoms that we take for granted.

We take it for granted that we can engage in strong and open debate. We take it for granted that it no longer is a taboo to walk and talk in certain spaces without being looked at on with disdain merely because of our skin colour. We think it does not matter that at some point the fact that 3-mob.com existing as a wholly black=owned Zimbabwean media company was a taboo.

And yet we tell the story of this country as if we come from point zero.

We have problems. Much like every other country in the world in the world we have incredible issues to deal with. Some are so horrible we go to sleep in a foetus position and cry ourselves to sleep.

But so is much of the world.

Noone has the keys to the matrix but one thing societies that move forward have in common is this.

Accept the freedoms you have. Accept the freedom is a reality and then look at how you can make it better. How do you make it evolve?

Without those you assume your tragedies are more grave than anyone else’s meaning that you can never solve the real issues at hand. You never take real stock of your challenges but more from the sum total of the worst you want to view yourself as.

And that is where we find ourselves as Zimbabweans.

Do we fail to achieve because we wish our tragedies worse? And that if they were not really that worse, no one would take them seriously?

PIC: zimbart via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA