Zimbabwe At 35: Inspiring But…

Zimbabwe today celebrates thirty-five years of independence from colonial rule.

Zimbabwe Grunge Flag
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These are the facts that we should all never forget. A war was fought against a brutal system that limited the opportunities that the majority could not get.

The rights of the indigenous Zimbabwe were limited to servant status playing tools for a system that benefited a small minority whose priviledge was protected by legislation and a concentrated attack on the consciousness of the majority.

People, young, old and whatever sacrificed life and limb in a fearless revolt against  the system. They just believed that life could not be sustained at the same level.

1980 came and a proud nation was born. Over 35 years it had issues that you would have in any country and much like a teenager in its teens it moved further on the path towards self-determination with the agrarian reform which expanded access to the masses. That changed the mindset of the majority, allowing them to believe to believe that they too could take a more significant part in the economy beyond being employees. The existence of this blog is a testament to that.

Sanctions were imposed and hardships followed but that will to succeed, moving forward towards the dream that beat the path to liberation remained.

An inspiring story of a nation finding itself and defining a new reality indeed.

Inspiring it is but there is one thing that the youth of this country and its leadership must have a conversation.

A significant portion of very talented and skilled Zimbabwean youths are forced to pursue their dreams outside the system. We are talking about people who have the drive, ambition and willingness to make a sacrifice to advance this country. For many of them it boils down to them either having the ‘wrong’ political affiliation or having none at all.

Having been educated  by Zimbabwe and inspired by its story many of this youth are confined to small projects or providing services for countries that believe in innovation and ideas. While ideas were used to fight a system that was brutal were included in the  second Chimurenga, spaces are limited now.

It is that spirit from that generation which defined purpose. That inclusion. Zimbabwe needs that now. Individuals like Carl Joshua Ncube, Rufaro Dhliwayo, Gilmore Tee Moyo among so many are beating new paths with no resources. You can see that with the right access to power and bigger spaces, their ideas could change a country. After all, in the liberation struggle it was many, their age then who were given responsibility of daring to imagine and create.

This is not a call to entitlement, mind you. No young person must feel that he or she has any entitlements. None who are in power now or who fought through the liberation war were entitled to be there.

Zimbabwe created resources in its people through President Robert Mugabe’s visionary  leadership.

It just forgot to use them or at least complicated their use. The opportunities are there in principle but effective access needs to be less complex.

In spite of that, Zimbabwe’s story remains inspiring. There is a lot to be proud of.

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