Zimbabwe Among NYTimes 52 Places To Visit In 2015

The New York Times has released its prestigious places to visit in 2015 and Zimbabwe is among them.

Mapungubwe Landscape

Mapungubwe Landscape

Martin_Heigan / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Under the sub-heading Once-avoided, now a must visit, Zimbabwe is given a glowing review in the article.

Highlighted are the removal of the overinflated Zimbabwe dollar, the low prices, a stable government –  and then of course the drawcards, mostly concentrated on the outdoors.

Zimbabwe is in good company with the likes of Durban (South Africa), Milan(Italy), Faroe Islands, Burgundy (France) to name a few.

It is a good to have our name in some great headlines and it is down to sterling work from the tourism sector.

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