Where Are All The Former Miss Zimbabwe Title Holders?

If any of the former Miss Zimbabwe from Zimbabwe’s golden years of modeling are still alive, now would probably be a good time for them to crawl out of whatever hiding place they have cocooned themselves and save the pageantry.

Right from the beginning of this year’s contest, up to the rather embarrassing events of the last weekend, things have been looking rather bleak for the whole vanity show.

We think at this point and if there is any former Miss Zimbabwe winner worth her salt, then what is happening right now is surely the last straw that should spring them into action, if they are still agile enough to springs into action. We think its only fair for them to help out considering  some of the models did get a bit of money and fame  because of the contest.

  • P&G

    No offense but the pageant has rarely produced a winner with a great combination of “beauty and brains” and the one or two times that has happened the ladies had bad experiences during their reign and they have generally not been treated well enough by the organizers. Bottom line is majority of Miss Zim Alum are not in a position were they could help anyway – very few went on to become outstanding at anything which speaks to our judging process!! Miss Zim needs a complete make over – the standards are way to low, the show itself hasn’t been well organized for years, the quality of contestants has deteriorated through the years as a result many self respecting young women worthy of the title shun it and so do corporate sponsors. No one wants to be associated with a sinking ship – I suggest (not like anyone is listening) for this year – scale down the show, small affordable venue even with less than a 100 people make sure u get a competitive winner in time for miss world (June), Malaika has proved that its possible to have a competitive winner – anything less at this point will further ruin the pageants reputation.

    • What about the ones who handled themselves with distinction? Those are the ones we are asking about.

      • p&g

        which ones are those? where are they now? and would they be willing to help? in a normal situation one would expect all former Miss Zims to be life time members of the trust. i say reach out to them (the ones that can be taken seriously)and challenge them to help out or at least speak on the issue