Zim Pastors Gang Up On TB Joshua

It appears like some Zimbabwe church leaders are ganging up on Nigerian prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua.

Word on the street has it that it the controversial man of the cloth is expected to be in Zimbabwe on 25 May for the National Day of Prayer. Reports say Joshua is billed as one of the keynote speakers at the event.

The Herald reports that some pastors and bishops said while they were not afraid of TB Joshua but they were wary of his intentions. The gripe these pastors have with Joshua is that his teachings were judgmental, partisan and unorthodox.

We are no experts on religious issues but some of these Zimbabwean pastors are pretty judgmental, partisan and unorthodox themselves. We think this is a typical case of the kettle calling the pot black.

If we were to look at this case from purely a dollars and cents point of view we think TB Joshua presents a real threat to some of these pastors.

Joshua knows how to sell his brand and if he were to set up in Zimbabwe some of these churches will be driven out of business. That would mean no more fancy German-made cars; no more shiny suits; no more adoration from the masses of desperate Zimbabwean.

What do you think?