Zim Escort Site Offers Services; Time To Legalise?

Someone who commented on  an article we wrote a few months ago about popular house of ill-repute Sloane Court, made us aware of an escort service being offered online.

There is a site that offers escort services and has numbers of real girls with real rates offering adult entertainment to those willing to pay for it.

Registration for those wishing to offer services seems free and there is also an allowance for people who want to put up reviews.

You can check the site out for your self (www.zimescorts.com). It is absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Obviously there are images of the nature that you shouldn’t really be going around having a look at which is not a big deal given that it is an advertising service for adult entertainment.

From the layout it seems as if the site plans to offer escort services from all over Zimbabwe including places as far 0ut as Chirundu.

Zimbabwe escorts website

Zimbabwe escorts website

The prudes will automatically say how this is a reflection of moral turpitude given that it seems to encourage promiscuity. It is prostitution as far as they are concerned and should be thrown in the dustbin with all those other things that people should find despicable.

However there is a real opportunity to regularise an industry that in reality is only morally frowned  upon. There is more to be gained in protecting these women by regulation rather than criminalising them and so often not dealing with those who seek their services. If there was a safe environment in which these services were offered in which

Now we’re not encouraging anyone to do engage the services of these women but if one were so inclined would it not be better if the state actually looked after them?

Do you think the site should shut down and a clampdown on activities of this nature be put into action?

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