Zim Cops Find Drugs Stashed In Man’s Corpse

Two men were arrested in Zimbabwe after they were found trying to recover a corpse which had been stuffed with 1.4kg of heroin.

The men both in thirties, a Tanzanian and a Zimbabwean were trying to retrieve the body of a suspected mule Ally Omari Mpili, a Tanzanian. He had apparently died in transit to South Africa.

His body was taken to a mortuary to determine the cause of death and that is when the drugs were found. It appears as if the ampoules had burst releasing the drugs into the man’s system, poisoning him.

Drug trafficking has been on the increase in Zimbabwe with country used as a transit point for hardcore narcotics. While the usage of hard drugs in this country is increasing, it still remains relatively low compared to the markets targeted by the traffickers.

However action needs to be taken to beat this deadly habit before it really becomes a scourge.

With information from The Herald (Zimbabwe)