Zambian Sex Workers At It Again

Zambian sex workers have offered supporters of Chipolopolo free sex if the national team beats Ghana in the 2012 World Cup Qualifier scheduled for this weekend.

You will remember that sex workers in various parts of the country offered their services for free to the public after the team won their semi-final in the recent Africa Cup of Nations. They carried on with tone of giving back to the community after Zambia won the title.

Nightclubs such as Kanyama’s Kanchembele and Chine Chikayeba which served free sex back then say they are ready to do it again if Chris Katongo and his men beat Ghana for the second time this year.. To these prostitutes, it’s a source of motivation to the supporters to continue cheering the national team anytime they face a tough opponent.

And for the soccer players, it is national duty taken to the next level. They have become the unofficial wingmen of certain men who will be eyeing those services.

Maybe of Zimbabwean prostitutes offer the same service this side, the Warriors might actually start winning matches. Perhaps someone should take that idea to Sloane Court. Call it national ‘service’.

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