Why Nine Year-Olds Are Having Sex

Something we posted months ago about the raping of a 15 year-old by her father had a reaction that disturbed us in the comments section.

A young girl confessed to having sex at the age of 8 or 9 with her 14 year-old boyfriend. The legal age for sex in this countryis 16 and 8 or 9 is a far cry from that.

It had us thinking. Why are kids having sex? Why are kids that young having sex? Where has it all gone wrong? Note, we are not under the assumption that this sort of thing didn’t happen generations before the prevalence nowadays is hectic.

For us, if there is one thing that has gone horrible, it is parenting. Parents nowadays are just not hands-on and children’s value systems are created by MTV, Jerry Springer, E!, Facebook and the playground. That means your child is getting their most powerful influence from everyone but you.

With all these messages in the music, movies and the works telling them that everything is based on the YOLO(You Only Live Once) concept, kids throw every little bit of reason out of the window and replace it with the best form of logic that they come up with. Their decision is based on the little they know. After all, parents encourage them to have role models like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and think it is cute when they mimic the dance to Bootylicious or whatever new anthem for sexuality exists. Not only that, they go out and buy the clothes and hairstyles their idols are wearing.

So then when they make the decision to have sex it is because they think it is time. They are now ready and they have no other reasons not to. Then of course there is the added weight of expectation from their partner. They do not have the power to say No without fear of ridicule or rejection.

Then of course there is the external pressure of friends who are as naive as them. Being a child is traumatising experience. With all that goading on the playground and the dares without care for consequences a child is pushed to the limit. Without that grounding from the parents, the child has no chance. Do remember that they want to be cool.

Some have said that sex education in the schools might get rid of the problem. It might help but the core values and lessons must come from home. Without the parents creating something to work with, there is no chance.

If the parents can’t be bothered, why should the school be? It can only do so much.

It is easy to blame the kids, but who is raising them?

  • ic0n1c

    Nah this can’t be…

    • Anonymous

      We are living in the last days and weird things are going on and this is true we can never run away from it but to face it and control it . 21 Century it is and technology has taken over do you know what is inside your child’s memory cards and the type of friends s/he associates with ?

      • Well we think the parents have started giving their children too much freedom

    • Sadly true

  • this is very disturbing 🙁

  • Tamisa

    you know the saddest thing about our world is that everything is sexually focused these days even in the subtlest of ways. Cartoons are now kissing, shaking their booties, and all sorts of things. Because parents are busy at work and sisi is busy at home the easiest thing to do is let them watch cartoons, right, NO not right. Princess and the frog as harmless as you might think it is, has voodoo scenes and at the very end a long kiss, now my two year old thinks thats where people are supposed to get kissed. Yes its starts as early as that. I have banned all cartoons in my house now, until I have thoroughly screened them. Worse still, parents have a habit of watching tv, and thinking their children are asleep or not listening, they are, they see, they want to experiment. Lastly, a lot of children are being told in schools (jnr school by the way) that its cool to have a girlfriend/boyfriend. if you dont u dumb. What comes next with that is the holding hands, the kissing and other stuff. Its not only in Zimbabwe, its the world over. the youngest mother is only 10years old and she’s not zimbabwean. 10 years old, thats insane

    • Yeah… everything is defined by sexuality. Some cartoons are now even gay

  • Tawaz

    A teacher was marking her composition books and she came across one which had the following. Lord please turn me into a television , I need my brothers to fight over the remote just to watch me .I also need my special place where I can stay and get all the care I need like cleaning and repairs when I am not functioning . I need my father to watch me even when he is tired from work and also to put a smile on my mothers face when she is sad . I also want a place where the whole family can sit and watch me and I also make them concentrate more when no one is making any noise . Lord I just want to be a tv . This was so touching and the father said , ”Poor child needs some attention and care from the family .” The mother then said , ”It is from our son .” Parents need to talk to their children about the dangers of such issues , imagine if they are sexually active at this age what more when they grow up? Care is also needed some parents are always BUSY and never get time to spend with their children and what does the community teaches them , so called role models etc ? Just take a moment to think …..If the parent has failed to control his/ her child what more about the school and community ? Train up a child in the way you want him/er to be and s/he will never depart from it so PARENTS the ball is in your court .

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    I want to fuck them