Prostitute Dies On The Job

A young woman in her twenties who was believed to be a commercial sex worker was electrocuted and died during a house call to one of her clients last week.

The incident which happened in Highfield, Harare and it is said the woman had  made an overnight house call on Sunday evening.

In a bid to exceed her client’s expectations the woman had decided to wash her clients clothes the following morning and as she was hanging the clothes on the laundry line, she was electrocuted. She died on the spot.

As is common in Zimbabwe,the deceaseds relatives are now refusing to to bury her body, demanding payment of roora (bride price) first from the alleged client, a gentleman called Last Mbele.

This story is just one more that proves that much as our society may refuse to accept it, prostitution it is alive and thriving.

Assuming prostitution was somehow legal in Zimbabwe and worker-girls could enter into legal agreements, this dispute between the prostitute’s family and the client would probably have taken a different twist.

  • Chanyani

    Kindly explain why you think if prostitution was legal the dispute would take a different twist.

    • Right now, as it stands, parents will insist the girl was there as his ‘wife’ and not for business purposes. If she is registered as a sex-worker then he doesnt have to deal with that.

      And also she wouldn’t have to do extras and so forth because he would get what he pays for and expect nothing more.

      • Chanyani

        Why was she electrocuted? Was the place safe? Was she warned. Was the washing of clothes not the start of a relationship? Your thought process is very one sided.

  • this is absurd…………..