Women Seeking Abortion More Likely To Be Abused

A recent study has shown that women who seek abortion are seven times more likely to be abused by partners than those who don’t in the US.

The study also showed that poor women were twice likely to be sexually abused and impregnated than those who had good income.

Some shocking stats came up

  • Poor women accounted for 42 percent of the 1.21 million abortions performed in the United States in 2008.
  • Seven percent of the women surveyed after seeking an abortion reported that they had been physically or sexually abused by the man with whom they became pregnant.
  • Women who had abortions reported having experienced unemployment (20%), separation from a partner (16%), falling behind on rent or mortgage (14%) or having moved multiple times (12%).
  • More than half (51%) of abortion patients reported having used a contraceptive method during the month in which they got pregnant, and poor women were less likely than better off women to have used a method.
  • Slightly more than 1% of US women report abuse at the hands of their partners.

Also included in the report were instances of partners who sabotaged contraceptives.

ZimSTAT recently reported that there were an average of 15 rape cases every single day in May 2012. This represented the worst data since January 2011. Also, with the increase in backyard abortions information of this nature is gold dust.

Abortion remains illegal in Zimbabwe except under limited circumstances.

Source: Guttmacher Institute