Women Are Better at Cheating Than Men

For the longest, men have been called the bad boys, the dogs, the bad part of a relationship and all that.In essence the one mantra that I have had carried by women for so long is that ‘all men are cheats’. But recently women have started catching up and racking up their fair share of infidelity. And guess what, they are better at it than you, gents.

In Zimbabwe it is common cause that there are men out there who are taking care of a child who has about as much of their own blood running through them as a fly on some cow dung in Chirumanzi. And it is not just the first child. Some other random kid is not his either.

Fact is that women are better at keeping secrets. Men are more likely to brag bout an affair than women. That then means that unless he is telling noone is going to know. She will act the part of the loving wife or girlfriend and noone will even suspect that.

The thing is that lying is something that women are taught from childhood. They are taught to lie about how they feel, to hide something or the other in case someone finds out. They can’t be themselves lest they be judged by others. Therefore that fits perfectly into the whole lying scheme. If you’re already skilled at doing a Miss Bucket and keeping up appearances, for reasons that are not your own, what more when it is for selfish reasons.

Now of course, gents you want to think your woman is not cheating on you. That is natural. Who wants to think that that first kid is not theirs? Nobody.

But just know that when you do cheat, she probably is too as well. And she is better than you.

  • Brians

    You’re a fool of you think girls dont cheat!

    • Anonymous

      did u read the article?

    • Anonymous

      did u read the article?

  • Yeah, that’s why pachivanhu pedu munhu haubvumidzwi kungoroora chero zvawasangana nazvo – muti wemusango – inga wakataura wani wakomana waya weXtra Large! Pachivanhu pedu marriage of youngsters is a long, long sacred process involving elders who know all these secret experiences . . . simply in order to detect those cheating (chipfambi) habits inherent in individuals, which youngsters (and their pastors) will never ever have a clue on when blinded by infatuation, and driven by the zeal to please the world (and friends)! Some have cheating GENES in them passed on for generations, kozotiwo some are influenced by environments and circumstances! “Wakaiona here simbi yaJohn? Yakabatana wena!” Yavakutodiwawo simbi iyoyo! Hupenyu mutoro!