Women Cheat Too Part 2: What Men Need To Know

A couple of weeks ago we published an article on women and cheating, basically saying that they cheat too and exploring the reasons why. This is the second part.

A woman will leave you emotionally long before she leaves you physically. You might still “see” her, but you will no longer have her!

It’s very enlightening to find out that men do worry about women cheating as much as we women worry too. After my first blog on Women Cheat too Part 1 I have had quite a lot of response and the large number is from men.

PIC: Regal Realness

PIC: Regal Realness


I hope I was able to answer most questions and worries emailed to me to the best that I can. It seems that no matter how much we try to think about it men can’t seem to understand reasons why some women cheat. Every relationship is different and the reasons why a person cheats is always personal so there is no general way I can put it as to the real reason why women might cheat but I am going to try to get into scenarios and just state ways of preventing it. But in all this please remember, everyone is capable of cheating but not everyone will cheat. It’s ultimately your own choice!

Firstly gents you need to know females need lots of attention. If you want to stay relevant, stay focused on the one woman you have. Cheating is only an issue if you allow it to be, if a person cheats, the contract is breached!

Disclaimer: We might be talking a lot about this but truth is no one goes into a real relationship to be cheated on so do not tolerate it ever!!

I said last time women cheat for the very same reasons as men do with a few variations (this is what men don’t understand!). When I said few variations I meant women use their brain and heart meaning she has thought long and
hard about it. And men, well, mostly it’s always thinking with what is in their pants, where they want to have their cake and eat it too and it takes him up to after an orgasm to realise he’s cheated and for guilt or pleasure to sink in.

Other than dealing with a prostitute, when a woman decides to stupidly cheat rather than addressing the issue, she has something lacking in that relationship (not saying men don’t have too when they cheat but hey, remember we are talking about women today so focus).

Gents, women need constant security, validation and affirmation. Of all the things, the most a woman wants you to pay is attention!! Women know that real men of substance have a lot going on too in their career, family and even by just being a man. However when it comes to them they also know that a man who prioritises will also find time for her and that time shouldn’t be divided between you fixing the car, being on the phone or talking to your boys etc..

And guys I know most of you like keeping your “girlfriends” too but check this out, your woman should never ever feel like she’s in a competition with another woman! (except his mother or biological sister lol another one for another day). Have boundaries and be able to distinguish between your woman and your friends. Once you are in a committed relationship you have to realize that for your new relationship to grow sometimes you have to let some of your old relationships die. This shouldn’t be a problem if you treat your woman different because whatever relationship you get into don’t treat the other person like everyone else, remember they are special.

A real woman will always do anything and everything for her relationship to work. That’s why she almost never regrets it when its time to walk away. And she also will never waste time cheating. Gents, a woman of substance knows how to make the best of a man’s time and money. A woman who lacks substance only knows how to spend it. Like I have already said before you know when you have a good woman so all this cheating business shouldn’t be a problem. It takes a man of value to recognise a woman of virtue. And as I said the last time if you are not happy just say it and leave, cheating is a weakness!! The person you choose to commit to should be a blessing in your life not a burden. Period.


Connie TA is a blogger and this article originally appeared on her site http://connieta.com/