Women Cheat Too! Part 1

I’ve had quite a few emails coming through from people who want me to talk about this issue. Most are asking why women cheat or to prove that women do cheat too.

Women cheat too, says Connie

Women cheat too, says Connie

Truth is I have a lot to say about this and have all along been looking for the right words in the shortest of time in this post lol. That’s why I prefer talking about it in person but I decided we will do this in parts. I’m all about honesty and saying it as it is, some might like it some might not after this. Well yes women cheat too!! They might not shout about it the way a man would but it happens and a man might not say her woman cheated on her because of pride or ego. Most times when a woman cheats she will be branded a hoe but when a man cheats it could be said in a sentence like this ‘what do u expect men will be men’ is it fair? (We shall discuss this in another post).

As much as it’s hard for me to say, women are the most discreet of species and will go about it in a very discreet way that you might or might not find out about. This discreet nature allows emphasis to be put more on men because men get caught easily simple as. I’ll tell you one thing gents unlike you women really think hard before they cheat so it is deep. What everyone should know is everyone is capable of cheating but not everyone will cheat so let’s get this part right first. You understand? Cool let’s carry on….

The reasons why men cheat is probably the same reasons why women cheat too with a few variations here and there which is what men don’t understand. We all know most of the reasons I won’t go into details. The only different thing is when women cheat it’s more than just physical and men know that. That’s the one and only reason why men can’t handle it when their woman cheats. Many men I talk to say that a woman cheating is the absolute deal breaker, even if they even think it or dream it she’s gone lol. Yes it’s cruel and unfair if he only ‘thinks’ or ‘dreams’ when it’s not true (this could raise an issue if you dealing with a person who has lost trust in all women or is just insecure, again will be discussed in another post). He will have that stuck in his mind that his woman opened her legs to another man and for him to bear that it’s very difficult for him.

Other than prostitutes most women only open their legs when they also open their heart so am sorry gents if she has cheated before she has also opened her heart to that other guy! You should know women want sex too!! And she will be more open and willing to be intimate with a man who shows that he’s interested in something more. She has made that other guy get to a place where you only wanted to be. That’s the bold truth and that’s what hurts the most for men.

Personally I will never take back a man who has cheated on me a contract will be breached there. But most women can take a man back after they have cheated loads of times because of their own personal reasons which is fair enough it’s their choice, but its different when a woman cheats almost all cases no man will take her back because he knows he’s already lost her heart too. It will be deeper than just physical. That relationship would be dysfunctional from that point you cheat even if you try to save it for however so many years that stuff just doesn’t vanish from his mind it will creep up in every argument or it will create a very insecure or possessive human being.

Now gents listen carefully. You know when you have a good woman so treat her good be it physically, emotionally or mentally. I know women love differently from how men love but she just want the love, care and attention she’s giving you reciprocated that’s all. And most times it won’t even cost you anything but just your undivided time and attention! A man will only be insecure if she knows another man will treat her better or if he’s dealing with a hoe. If she still cheats after you treat her good then am sorry you are dealing with a hoe, she probably just want you for your money, status, good looks etc so accept that and deal with it!

Any woman of substance will never compromise her wonderful relationship or marriage by cheating.If we start to make better choices about who we choose to be in a real relationship with, then I believe we can minimize, probably not eliminate, but minimize the frequency that men and women cheat. Because lets face it, many men get into relationships with a disregard to woman’s feelings and not understanding and accepting their proper role in that relationship. Many women get into relationships due to impatience, bad choices, and simply settling for a man they have no business being with in the first place. I just hope we can do better and change that. Cheating in a relationship is the dumbest thing you could ever do. If you’re not happy say it and just leave! See you all in part 2!! Let me know your thoughts.


Connie TA is a blogger and this article originally appeared on her site http://connieta.com/

  • S.K

    Hm, interesting article. Firstly: a bit of a grammatical issue here: “They might not shout about it like when a man
    does but it happens and a man might not say her woman cheated on her
    because of pride or ego. ” so, Editor, please edit.
    I will agree that women are far more discreet when they cheat, because they know Mr. Man will leave her without a second thought.
    However, I do not fully agree with the statement that when a women cheats, she is also giving her heart to the other man. Sometimes women cheat for the same reasons as men…boredom, lack of sex at home etc.
    Personally, I have cheated and I did it because of my own insecurities…in my head – if i cheat on him, it won’t hurt so bad IF he cheats on me later in the relationship. yes, it’s dumb, i know. but that’s why i disagree that women give their heart to the other man when they cheat.