Woman Sues Small House For Adultery

A Bulawayo woman is demanding $10,000 from her husband’s small house for adultery.

The woman, Samukeliso Nare from Mpopoma approached the Mpopoma Civil Court to file the papers. Samukeliso accuses Rinah Chitanga, a bursar from Mpopoma High School of snatching her husband, Edwin.

So it turns out that Edwin has moved in with Chitanga and abandoned his matrimonial home. Chitanga is even pregnant apparently. It seems as if the relationship between the two is the rekindling of a romance that goes back to high school in Gwanda.

Samukeliso is making a claim of $9 000 being damages she suffered in respect of the “defendant’s unlawful malicious and illicit association with her husband well knowing he was a married man.”

Another $900 claim is for loss of consortium she suffered through the withdrawal of the comfort, society, love, companionship and assistance her spouse was providing before Ms Chitanga’s association with her husband.

She wants the $9,900 plus interest and costs of the suit.

So yeah small houses. You heat that? You could get sued.

So make sure that when the money is coming in, you set aside a little for that lawsuit.