Woman Strangles Baby Fathered By 15 Year Old Boy

The Herald reports that a 24-year-old Chiredzi woman has been jailed for 12 months for killing a newly-born baby she had with her 15-year-old schoolboy lover.

Vimbai Mahembe of Village 3 in Chipimbi communal lands strangled the baby to death and buried it in a shallow grave because she was embarrassed to face her relatives after being impregnated by her Form 3 lover from the same village.

After giving birth, she strangled the newly born to death and wrapped the body with a cloth before putting it in a bucket and sneaked out to the family garden, a few metres away. At the garden, Mahembe dug a shallow pit and buried the infant inside before returning to her bedroom hut.

Mahembe’s sister-in-law became suspicious after she saw blood all over the floor inside the hut.

Mahembe pleaded for a lenient sentence, saying she killed the newly born baby because the father could not look after it since he was still at school.Why the heck was she sleeping with a 15 year old boy then?

At times the line between being accepted in society and what is morally right is rather blurred but this case the actions of Vimbai Mahembe defies all logic.

It does not make sense that a mother would kill her own baby in such a heinous manner. Chiredzi magistrate Mr Thomas Ndokera had initially sentenced Mahembe to three years, but conditionally suspended two years after convicting her for infanticide on her own plea of guilty.

Talk about a slap on the wrist…

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