Woman Kills Hubby, Cooks Him

Hell heath no furry than a woman scorned and if you were wondering why that was ever said then the case of one Pakistani woman called Zainab Bibi, 32 is a clear example.

Zainab Bibi recently got free bangles, a free ride and now happens to be getting free breakfast, lunch and super after she was locked up on suspicion of killing her husband.

It is alleged that Zainab cut her husband Ahmad Abbas into 51 pieces and tried to cook them. Her assistant chef 22-year-oldZaheer Ahmed, her cousin is also accused of helping Bibi stab Abbas to death and cut his body into small cookable pieces.

Police said she wanted to cook her husband’s body parts so she could dispose of them without being caught. They could have probably gotten away with it if neighbours had not alerted Karachi police when they detected a foul odour in the neighbourhood.

In her defence Zainab claims to have killed her husband because he wanted to have relationships with their daughter, she says he wanted wanted to divorce her and marry her teenage daughter from a previous marriage. Crimes of passion even in Zimbabwe are common, but to drug a man, hang him,chop him up and then fry him takes a special person.

If you thought we are making this up see video below-