Did Wikipedia Get DJs Chilli and Black Bird In Trouble?

So two radio DJs have apparently had to leave their jobs because of references to President Robert Mugabe and an alleged Malawian lineage.

Popular Power FM DJ Hazvinei Sakarombe also known as DJ Chilli and Nonkululeko Vundla or Black Bird of Star FM have been removed from their shows.

It is believed that they used this information from a Wikipedia entry about Mugabe on the occasion of is 89th birthday:

Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born near the Kutama Jesuit Mission in the Zvimba District northwest of Salisbury in Southern Rhodesia to a Malawian father Gabriel Matibili and a Shona mother Bona, both Roman Catholic.

It seems as if the powers that be did not fancy that much so Chilli has been kicked out and Black Bird asked to resign. Now, that entry has been there for a while and a parliamentary select committee is looking at her dismissal on account of that. They also say that President Mugabe himself has not challenged the information.

Come on, seriously though. We are better than that if it is true that this has happened for those reasons. So what, if the president’s dad may have been Malawian. Immaterial it is because at the end of day he is Zimbabwean. The constitution which will be voting for on 16 March defends the rights of children whose parents are from the SADC region and takes nothing away from them.

If it turns out that the information on Wikipedia is not veritable, well it then shows that people in positions of that nature shouldn’t be using the crowd-sourcing site as an authority. By its own admission the site says:

Almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site, and it has about 100,000 active contributors.

So you really can’t use them as a source… Well not a exclusive one anyway…

  • General_Tichatonga

    i am not supporting their dismissals, but a professional should no that Wikipedia is not a recognised source because the information on a wiki is never verified. anyone can enter what ever they want.

    • Yeah dismissals feels a but harsh

      • General_Tichatonga

        yeah, but we know how it is. say any thing negative about Robert Mugabe you automatically become enemy of the state. zvakaoma.

  • Thabo

    Thank God i left that sickening country with no freedom of speech whatsoever..face it,Bob is Malawian and foreigners shuld not be running e country..why is evryone soooo scared of sayin the truth?!they shuld not have fired those DJs,….

    • Dread

      Dei zvaidaro kana Obama aisaita president weAmerica. As much as his father might have been Malawian, Still he was born here to a Zimbabwean mother. He probably would have been eligible to be president anyway

  • My granny was from Malawi, my father’s dad from Mozambique, i was born and raised in Zimbabwe. But my rights were stripped since 2001 and i was considered a foreigner, until i had to renounce my citizenship! I am proudly Zimbabwean. @Tendaijoe